Terms and conditions

Please read the following terms and conditions before confirming your room booking or event.


All rooms and facilities available for the hire at 18 Smith Square are hereafter referred to as ‘the venue’ and the individual organisation hiring the venue are hereafter referred to as ‘the hirer’.

Details of the particular rooms and facilities hire (‘the event’) are set out in the booking form which should be read in conjunction with the terms and conditions which when signed by the hirer form an agreement between the venue and the hirer. The person signing the booking form must be an authorized representative of the hirer. By signing the booking form the hirer agrees to the terms and conditions as laid out by the venue 18 Smith Square.

Opening hours

The reception service is provided from 08:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday and a security provision available from 17:00 to close with evening and weekend access available through prior agreement with the venue team. Booking session arrangements are as follows:

  • Half days consist of 4 hours, from 09:00 to 13:00 or 13:00 to 17:00. Any bookings wishing to straddle these booking periods will be charged for a full days hire (e.g. 11:00 to 15:00)
  • Full day hire is for an 8 hour period, from 09:00 to 17:00. A half an hour set up and break down time is allowed for in the larger rooms like Bevin Hall and the Westminster Room. Bookings wishing to extend these booking periods will be charged an hourly rate pro-rata.
  • Evening bookings are to be charged at the standard 4 hour rates with exception of the roof terrace which will have fixed pricing.
  • Bookings requiring earlier access and later completion than stated Monday to Friday will be subject to an additional charge.
  • Available for hire Monday to Friday including evening bookings.

Booking Procedures and Cancellations

The hirer must confirm the booking in writing by completing and signing the booking form provided by the venue.

New clients are required to complete a customer set up form for our finance department before completion of their booking form, to allow for authorisation of invoicing. New clients will be required to pay for their first event/meeting in full 1 month before the commencement date of their meeting.

Once the booking form is completed, signed and returned to venue@local.gov.uk, the cancellation policy will apply.

In the event of cancellation the following scale of cancellation fees will apply:

  • Less than 2 months and 29 days’ notice 25% of the room hire charge
  • Between 28 days’ and 6 working days’ notice 75% of the room hire charge
  • Less than 6 working days’ or less notice 100% of total contracted price (to include room hire/catering)

Notification of cancellations should be made in writing and will be effective on date received by 18 Smith Square. 18 Smith Square reserves the right to cancel any booking if the event is deemed a conflict of interest or potentially harmful to the business of LGA or its management/employees without penalty or liability.

Provisional Booking

Provisional bookings will be taken and held on the room booking management system for a period of 3 weeks without charge. During this period if the venue gets further interest in the room being held, the venue reserves the right to contact the booker to confirm if they wish to proceed with the booking. If confirmation is then not received in writing in the form of a completed and signed booking form by the next working day the venue will cancel the booking without further notice.

Confirmation of booking

Confirmation of the event details including delegate numbers, catering requirements, AV provision and Purchase Order number plus full hirer contact details must be included on the booking form before submission to the venue.

Once a signed booking form is received a confirmation slip is sent to the hirer confirming their booking (date and room and all associated requirements booked)

The hirer shall provide to the venue at least 5 working days prior to the event the following:

  • A list of delegate names attending the event including any mobility issues or any delegate requiring assistance in the event of a fire evacuation (for further information read Health & Safety section)
  • An event programme if applicable
  • Room layout requirements
  • Final catering numbers to include any dietary requirements

The hirer shall not install or erect any exhibitions or displays in the venue unless the venue has given prior permission or been provided with full plans and details at least 5 working days prior to the event.

The hirer shall not distribute advertising or promotional material unless approval has been received from the venue.

Photography or filming within the venue is not permitted without prior approval of the venue manager.

The hirer shall ensure all persons attending the venue are at all times wearing their visitor’s security badge as issued for their event.

The venue reserves the right to refuse a booking if the venue believes the hirer intends to use the venue rooms for purposes other than the event; if the event may lead to a breach of the peace or acts of violence may occur or damage to the venue; the nature of the event is judged to be compromising to the venue and/or its occupants.

The venue reserves the right to change the room allocated to the hirer if deem necessary. Prior notification will be given to the booker.

Conditions of usage

The hirer agrees to adhere to the following conditions:

  •  Smoking is not allowed anywhere in 18 Smith Square including any roof spaces or any external areas within the venue boundary (this includes the use of electronic cigarettes)
  • If any damage is incurred as a result of the hirer’s event, the hirer will be liable for all costs for repair
  • Nothing may be attached to the walls in the venue
  • The hirer must vacate the venue on or before the expiry time set out on the booking form, otherwise additional charges will be incurred
  • Other than that supplied by the venue, items of food, wine, spirits or other beverages must not be brought onto the premises for consumption
  • The hirer must not use any audio visual equipment on the premises that does not belong to the venue, or connect any computing item to the venue’s network, without prior permission of the venue manager. Memory sticks must not be used at any time. Please contact the venue for advice on managing the audio visual aspects of your meeting or event
  • The hirer shall not sub-let the hired rooms without the venue’s written consent. This includes the prior approval of any exhibitors attending the event
  • The hirer agrees that any items brought into the venue for use during their event will be removed the same day after the event has finished. If the hirer is to arrange collection of items or equipment, the hirer shall supply the venue with the following details:o Name and address of the equipment hirer
  • The items/equipment to be collected
  • Name of the company/individual who is to collect the item/equipment

Booking an event that involves the serving of alcohol

18 Smith Square is a licensed venue and allowed to serve alcohol.Alcoholic beverages are provided on a sale or return basis.

  • The hirer/organiser will be required to be present throughout the time that alcoholic beverages are being served at their event and their name given 48 hours in advance to the venue.
  • The named organiser will liaise with the Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) on the day of the event and will be required to liaise with the DPS throughout the duration of the event whilst the alcohol is being served to their delegates.
  • A list of delegates attending an evening function must be made available to the venue and DPS 48 hours in advance of the event. Delegates deemed 18 or under will be asked for identification and not served.
  • The license only applies to designated meeting spaces within the venue. Alcoholic beverages may not be taken outside those designated areas and at no time off the premises
  • The hirer/organiser are required to assist in ensuring that all delegates/visitors leave the area quietly at the end of the event.
  •  No person under 18 shall be in the room where alcohol is being served during the permitted hours.

Health and Safety

The hirer is responsible for the Health, Safety and welfare of all attendees at their event for the entire duration of the hire period, and will be expected to comply with all relevant legislation to include site and venue rules.

  • Emergency Evacuation: following information as attachment below* 
  • Provision of First Aid Event organisers are responsible for ensuring sufficient first aid 

Provision is made. LGA will provide basic first aid boxes, defibrillator, and eye wash for use during the hire period. However, trained personnel will only be available by arrangement.

The hirer must comply within the maximum capacity set for the room hire (please see room hire tariff information).

The hirer shall not obstruct stairwells, doorways and emergency exits, or notices of emergency procedures.

The venue and its staff retain the right to enter the rooms hired and alter proposed room layouts in order to comply with fire regulations and to refuse admission to rooms if over-crowding is liable to occur.

Site rules including roof terrace protocols**

The hirer or delegates of the event may be asked to leave the venue at any time if health and safety or security is compromised as laid out in the site rules.

48 hours’ notice period is required for submission of your Delegate list for badging for access to the venue.

Should an emergency occur during your event please ensure you comply with the following:

  • Emergency Evacuation*
  • First Aid (see provision of first aid under the Health and Safety paragraph)

Nearest A&E:

St Thomas Hospital, Westminster Bridge Road, Lambeth, London SE1 7EH, Telephone: 0207 188 7188 or dial 999

  • Security Desk number (17:00 to 08:00) – 0207 664 3306 
  • Reception Desk number (08:00 to 17:00) – 0207 664 3000

Emergency Evacuation for Person with Disabilities

For all events, information relating to delegates/visitors with disabilities should be obtained where possible in advance of the meeting/event and the venue informed of such information.

On arrival the hirer must discuss with 18 Smith Square venue staff the arrangements that they had put in place to assist their delegate/visitor to evacuate the venue in accordance with the venue’s health and safety procedures.

The following should be adhered to:

  • PEEP – Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan in place in advance of the meeting/event through discussions with the delegate/visitor
  • Allocation of a buddy to assist with evacuation if required
  • Communication of PEEP to 18 Smith Square venue staff and reception
  • In the event of the hirer being unaware of a delegate’s disability until their arrival, a discussion needs to take place before the commencement of the meeting/event and a PEEP agreed and communicated to venue staff and reception.

Payments and financial conditions

A deposit, or payment in full prior to the event, may be requested at the discretion of the venue. All new clients will be required to complete a customer set up form before authorization can be granted to hire, and must pay in advance for the first event.

The venue reserves the right to make additional charges for events commencing before or after the stated opening or closing times of 09:00 to 17:00.

The venue reserves the right to amend or increase its tariffs without prior notice if management of the venue deem it necessary to do so.

All invoices must be paid in full within 30 days of the invoice date. All prices quoted either verbally or in writing are exclusive of VAT at the current rate. All queries relating to amounts invoiced must be notified in writing within 7 working days of the event invoice to venue@local.gov.uk. If the hirer fails to make payment of any charges/invoice on the due date then without prejudice to any other rights available to the venue, the venue shall without liability to the hirer, be entitled to cancel the provision of rooms and services for any future bookings made by the hirer and charge the hirer the cost of recovery for outstanding payments.

Catering Services

Bartlett Mitchell (our catering partners) has the sole rights to supply catering provision to 18 Smith Square. Hirers are not permitted to bring their own food and drink onto the premises for consumption.

  • Menu prices are per cover and do not include VAT, which will be added at payment stage.
  • 48 hours’ notice period is required for last minute catering orders and amendments to the existing booking.
  • Cancellation of catering orders within 6 working days of event/meeting will incur the full catering charges.
  • The Food Safety Act 1990 dictates that all food may only be out of refrigeration for a maximum of 2 hours. Therefore, food will be removed within the expiry time set out by legislation. Food may not be taken from the premises under any circumstances
  • The right to alter menu tariffs without notice is reserved, except for confirmed bookings where prices have been agreed in writing. Seasonal variations may also occur for reasons beyond our control.
  • Evening functions may require the use of additional staff, the catering manager will exercise their discretion in ensuring provision is in place and will confirm the requirement with the hirer in advance.


18 Smith Square reserves the right to request proof of identity from any person attending an event at the venue and require all attendees to display their allocated security badge. Admission to the building may be refused if the venue staff of 18 Smith Square deem it necessary.

18 Smith Square will not accept deliveries of goods for an event unless this is pre-agreed by the hirer with the venue manager.


The hirer must have in force at the time of the event, public liability insurance for a minimum of £5,000,000.

The venue does not accept responsibility for the property of the hirer and delegates attending an event. The venue can provide limited storage for the hirer’s use by prior agreement. The venue does not accept liability for the loss or damage to property brought into the venue by the hirer, such property, and any insurance of it, remains the responsibility of the hirer throughout.

The venue shall not be liable to the hirer for delay or failure to perform any of the venue’s obligations in relation to rooms and services if the cause is beyond the venue’s reasonable control.
The hirer shall ensure that no activity or performance that takes place during the event shall infringe any copyright or intellectual rights.

The hirer shall ensure that the venue is notified of any items or equipment that is to be delivered to the venue ahead of the event and is labelled correctly. The venue does not accept any liability for items damaged in transit or undelivered.